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5 Steps to Mouth Health

Posted by  on 13-04-2016

To kick off this year’s Oral Health Month, Dr. Appleton and the team wanted to share with you some easy steps to great mouth health. Keeping your mouth healthy is just as important as diet and exercise when it comes a person’s well-being. Research has shown that a fresh and clean mouth can prevent oral disease, diabetes, heart disease and respiratory illness. It also helps prevent rejection if you are ever trying to make that first move on your crush. Studies are showing up more and more how a healthy mouth is a leading factor to living a healthy lifestyle.


Step 1: Keep your mouth clean

·         Floss and brush your teeth every day

·         Limit foods and beverages that have high amounts of sugars and carbohydrates

Step 2: Check your mouth regularly

·         Look for signs of an unhealthy mouth like:

o   Bleeding or open sores

o   Red, shiny or puffiness

o   Bad breath that won’t go away

o   Numbness or tingling

o   Abnormal lumps on your tongue, roof of the mouth or inside of cheeks.

Step 3: Eat well

·         A nutritious diet helps to build strong teeth and gums

·         Choose mouth healthy snacks like cheese, nuts and vegetables


Step 4: Check in with Dr. Appleton regularly

·         Regular check-ups at the dentist help avoid oral cancer and gum disease, by early detection and proper assessment of the mouth

Step 5: Quit smoking or chewing tobacco

·         Smoking and chewing tobacco are major causes leading to oral cancer, heart disease, gum disease


Happy Oral Health Month!


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References and more information: Canadian Dental Association

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