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Is thumbsucking and the use of pacifiers harmful to your childs dental health?

Posted by  on 17-06-2014

Pacifiers & Thumb Sucking


New parents often ask us if using a pacifier or if thumbsucking  is harmful for their childrens dental health.

It is normal for babies to suck because it helps them relax.

By the time your child is two or three years of age, he or she has less need to suck. If your child still likes to suck, a soother is better than sucking a thumb. Why? Because you can control when and how your child uses a soother. You can’t control a thumb going into the mouth.

Never put sugar, honey or corn syrup on a soother. They can cause cavities. It’s best to get your child to stop sucking before permanent teeth come in, at about age five. If a child keeps sucking a soother or thumb after the permanent teeth have come in, it could cause problems with how the jaw and teeth grow and develop.

Dr.  Appleton and his associates recommend that children been seen beginning at the age of 3 for a full exam.  Please call the office at 905-668-6301 to schedule the first dental visit.


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