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Stained Teeth

Posted by  on 08-05-2019

One of the most common questions I get asked is: How can I get whiter teeth?

There are many ways to enhance and freshen your smile. But there are also many ways to stop your teeth from becoming yellow in the first place. Sure, normal wear and tear can stain your teeth, but certain foods and bad habits speed up the process.

Certain foods can stain your teeth. It is widely known that coffee and tea (even green tea) can really darken your smile. Think about when you leave coffee in a mug for a period of time. It creates a brown stain in your cup that sometimes won’t come off with washing. Now, what if you rinse that cup immediately? It won’t stain. The same thing is true with your teeth. As long as you don’t let the staining food or drink sit on your teeth, you should be safe. Wash it out by drinking water immediately after you eat or drink a staining food.

Here are a few foods and habits that can easily cause staining of your teeth:

1. Coffee
2. Tea
3. Red wine
4. Dark sodas
5. Smoking and smokeless tobacco
6. Dark berries

Here are some easy, inexpensive home remedies:

1. Rinse your mouth with water immediately after having the staining food or drink.
2. Chew gum afterwards to let your saliva rinse your mouth out.
3. Use over-the-counter whitening rinses.
4. Try whitening strips.
5. Gently brush or rinse with baking soda or hydrogen peroxide.
6. Floss regularly or use floss with whitening treatments.

You can always have your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist and then maintain your teeth by following the above steps. In addition, we highly recommend giving up smoking, smokeless tobacco and soda, which can lead to other dental problems as well as stains.

If you are concerned with the stains on your teeth please call us at 905-668-6301 to schedule a complimentary whitening consultation.

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