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Summertime sports injuries and your teeth

Posted by  on 27-05-2014

A multitude of teeth are knocked out every year. The main causes for kids and adults are sports injuries.  If the tooth can be replanted within minutes after the accident there is a greater chance the tooth can be saved.

After the accident, the tooth should be located and picked up by the crown or enamel portion and NOT the root. If the tooth is dirty it should gently be rinsed with milk or water. Do not store the tooth in water.

It should be noted that if a primary (baby) tooth is knocked out, it should NOT be replanted as it could damage the permanent tooth bud in formation. Parents should NOT try to place the baby tooth back into the socket, and should immediately seek the advice and treatment of their dentist.

Dentists recommend reimplanting the fully formed tooth within 5 minutes. The prognosis for long term success is poor if the tooth is reimplanted after 5 minutes.

It is advised that if the accident victim shows any signs of head injury, unconsciousness, nausea, or persistent headaches, they should be first evaluated for their head injury by proper medical personnel. Once a head injury is ruled out, they may precede to the dentist for treatment of the knocked out tooth. A tooth or teeth should NOT be immediately reimplanted at the site of injury if the injured person is unconscious for fear of aspiration.

Dr.  Appleton and his associates recommend the use of custom made sportsguards for all sports including baseball, skateboarding, football etc. to prevent injuries to teeth.  We have a wide selection of colours and the sportsguards are all made here at the office within a couple of days.

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