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Posted by  on 09-06-2016

Summer is a great time to brighten your smile!!  

Dr. Appleton offers two Teeth Whitening options for his patients.  Custom made trays that are made at the dental office and taken home so you can whiten at home or if you are like many people you may like to have the whitening treatment done all at once at the dental office with our newest system Spa Dent.


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Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about Teeth Whitening options offered at Dr. R. Todd Appleton`s office.

Q.  How much does Teeth Whitening cost?

A.  The take home trays are $ 299.00.  The Spa Dent treatment starts at $ 199.99 for one 15 minute session ( a 2nd 15 minute session is an additional $100.00).

Q.  Will the bonding ( filling ) on my front tooth whiten as well?

A.  No.  Composite bonding materials that are used to restore front teeth will not whiten with either the take home trays or the Spa Dent treatment.  The filling can be touched up with a whiter shade of composite bonding material once you have done your whitening and have achieved your desired lighter shade.

Q.  How long does the procedure take?

A.  The take home trays are made here at the dental office.  We require you to come in so we can take a set of impressions that are used to make the custom fit trays.  The trays are ready within a couple of days.  Once ready you can take them home with a tube of the bleaching gel and get started right away. Depending on the amount of whitening that you want to achieve you will wear your trays every night for at least 4 hours. Most people will achieve the desired results within 2 weeks.

The Spa Dent treatment is done in the dental office.  Treatment will take between 45 minutes to one hour.

Q.  Are the results of the whitening treatments guaranteed?

A.  We encourage everyone to come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Appleton prior to having any whitening done.. At this consultation appointment Dr. Appleton will go over the details of the treatment, the results you can expect and any other questions that you may have about the whitening options.

Q.  Will my teeth be sensitive during or after treatment?

A.  Some patients find their teeth will be sensitive to the bleaching gel.  If you are concerned about sensitivity we encourage you to use a toothpaste especially designed for sensitive teeth a week or so prior to your treatment.

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If you would like further information about Teeth Whitening options that are offered at Dr. Appleton’s office please us at 905-668-6301.






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