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Dental Crowns & Bridges Procedures in Whitby

Benefits of Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental problems such as misaligned, cracked, or damaged teeth can be corrected with dental crowns. Sometimes called a “cap” the crown fits over the tooth and can quickly and effectively repair common tooth damage. Crowns can increase functionality, reduce the pain associated with damaged teeth, and also prevent further damage to the tooth by increasing it’s strength. The aesthetic benefits of crowns are also numerous – patients will have a brighter smile without the chips and decay associated with common dental problems. Our practice offers tooth-colored crowns that can be matched to existing teeth for the most natural looking smile.

Bridges are used to permanently fill in gaps left by missing teeth. Literally bridging gaps in between the teeth, fixed bridges can significantly reduce the pain caused by badly damaged or misaligned teeth, as well as increase bite strength and improve your smile. As with crowns, the porcelain can be matched in shade to your existing natural teeth. Most patients find that the convenience of the secure, permanent fixed bridge to be superior to that of removable artificial teeth.

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