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Replace missing teeth

Why replace missing back tooth

All our teeth balance on each other. Upper teeth reply on lower teeth for something to chew against.

When a back tooth is lost, there may not appear to be any immediate problems with the rest of your teeth. However, over time problems can develop that could lead to the loss of several other teeth.

By losing one back molar tooth and not replacing it, a domino effect usually begins, causing the ultimate loss of several other back teeth.

The reason is, when the lower back molar tooth is lost, the teeth next to it can tip over into the space left by the missing tooth. In addition, it is very common for the upper opposing tooth to overgrow and once this happens there is no way of pushing that tooth back into its correct position and it usually needs to be removed.

Over time, other problems such as increased spacing between front teeth, abnormal bite characteristics, increased incidence of gum disease, increased decay, increased stresses on remaining teeth, headaches and jaw joint problems usually all occur.

Therefore, when back teeth are lost, they should be replaced. The use of a bridge or an implant can restore the bite back to its correct situation and avoid future problems. It is far better and cheaper to treat the situation early, rather than waiting for costly problems to occur – as some of these problems cannot be resolved.

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