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Root Canal Treatment Therapy & Procedures in Whitby

Root canal treatment is a method of saving a tooth in which the pulp (nerve tissue inside the tooth) has become infected due to decay or trauma. If the pulp becomes infected it needs to be removed to prevent the onset of jaw inflammation and extreme pain.

Root canal treatment is the process of removing the pulp and cleaning out all the infected tissue in the pulp chamber and root canal. This is done using tiny files until all traces of the pulp are gone. This treatment process has improved dramatically over the years.

The first visit usually involves the removal of the infected pulp and cleaning out the infected chamber. Most often medication is left down the pulp chamber for a period of a week to ensure that all the bacteria has been eliminated prior to sealing the tooth.

On the second visit, the root canal can be sealed with a pink substance called gutta-percha to prevent further bacteria from entering the root of the tooth again.

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