Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Including: Invisalign, Whitening And implants

Family Dentistry Services in Whitby

Family dentistry services in Whitby

We pride ourselves on making dentistry a pleasant experience for everyone who visits our clinic in Whitby, Ontario. Our team of licensed family dentists are dedicated to helping your loved ones maintain and improve their oral health in friendly and comforting surroundings.

At your first visit, new adult patients can expect:

  • A review of your medical and dental history.
  • A full extra-oral and intra-oral examination including soft tissue (oral cancer examination) and TM Joint.
  • We will take any necessary radiographs.
  • We will take intra-oral photos of your teeth and show you the pictures on the over-head television where we can discuss what they show.
  • Periodontal probing (indicates presence of any gum disease).
  • We will discuss our findings.
  • We will discuss your dental health goals.

Together, we will devise a customized treatment plan specifically designed for you.

Your Child’s First Visit With Our Family Dentists!

The requirements for children will vary according to their age and condition. We want to make their first visit to the dentist as fun and enjoyable as possible. Please check our Do’s and Don’ts for your child’s first visit. Parents are continually surprised how well their children do at our dental clinic in Whitby!

Fees & Insurance

Many of our service fees are covered by most dental insurance plans. We will send your dental claims electronically to your insurance company for your convenience.

Family Dentistry Whitby

At Dr. R. Todd Appleton & Associates in Whitby, we provide family-friendly dentistry in a welcoming atmosphere. Our goal is to create life-long relationships using family dentistry Whitby parents trust for their kids. We invite you to discover the difference family dentistry in Whitby can make for your oral health.

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